AB Motor Vehicle Services Courtesy Car

We offer our customers a courtesy car

What do you think of a sign written courtesy car?

When we opened our garage AB Motor Vehicle Services, sign writing our courtesy car was an inexpensive way to get the message out there to the general public.  It let people know that we existed, plus it also gave potential customers a good impression that being a small local garage we could offer our customers transport if needed while their car was in for a service, repair or MOT.

We try to ask our customers how they heard about us when they book their car in, the response is generally through word of mouth, social media or Google which is great for us as it means something is working, however our cars are rarely mentioned despite being out on the road most days. That is until now. We’ve recently moved house which means our cars are now road facing and it’s only now that we can see that having the sign writing makes a difference. In the first couple of weeks our neighbours asked about what we do which resulted in their son booking their vehicle in for a service, we have ordered food from our local Indian who also spotted the car which resulted in two of their employees booking their cars in and to top it off we ordered yet another take-away from our local Chinese take-away who also requested a business card after spotting the car.

Some people don’t like to take away a car that’s plastered in logos, I understand that, especially if their car is a higher spec or better model but we’ve thought about that too – we offer local delivery and collection so that our customers can be discrete if they want too.

For us though, it’s well worth investing in sign writing to promote your business, especially since our business is in the motor trade and if you can also offer your customers a benefit (ours is that it’s a courtesy car) then all the more reason to do so.