Keeping it Local (Guest blog, Cheranne, iWork4uGlos)

iwork4uGlosAir in the tyers? Check.
Oil measured? Check.
Petrol full? Check!

It’s the time of year when many of us are making our way along the bustling roads to visit our distant family and friends. Streams of headlights blur as cars pour like lava down hill into the darkness. Slowly creeping at a snails pace as cats eyes flicker by; the cry of children impatiently asking, “are we nearly there yet?” Festive classics boom from car stereos, little faces aglow; alit in anticipation with the excitement Christmas brings.

Travelling by car is often the more convenient to way to get from A to B. Even when you’re stuck in traffic, at least your family are comfortable and warm. But before you set off, it’s vital that you make necessary checks of your vehicle to ensure safe passage, especially as the weather turns colder and the evenings grow increasingly darker.

Frosted windows and frozen locks are impossible to budge without De-Icer and a scraper to hand, so it’s important to be prepared, especially if your car breaks down? I recently experienced a break down, however, luckily my insurer for roadside assistance covered me. The car was deemed unroadworthy and in desperate need of engine repair, fortunately alternative transport was arranged and I got home safely. But I would not have known what to do if I didn’t have the recommendation of a trustworthy garage to do the repairs.

Sometimes it can cost more than the car’s worth for it to be fixed; new nuts and bolts, belts and buckles can bring the value of the car to that of a vintage Porsche! It’s good to have knowledge of your car so you’re not in the dark should a break down occur and you’re able to talk to your mechanic in a mutual language.

AB Motor Vehicle Services is an independent car garage and has over 14 years experience in the industry, but that’s not what makes it so special. AB encourage customers to get to know their mechanic, to develop a rapport and lasting familiarity that breeds trust and reliability over time.

AB aren’t the type to offer a one off quick-fix for cash, Andrew and the team are dedicated to developing a growing relationship with every customer, in order to better understand the car and the customer’s needs. The car is a reflection of its owner and how it’s treated is a good indication of your lifestyle; reflected in the mileage, the condition of the wheels, even the paintwork. By booking in for a Service at AB, you get an opportunity to meet your mechanic, to ask those honest questions without judgment and get inside tips and tricks of the trade.

The majority of local business depends on word of mouth. After all, why book in with a bog standard ‘big brand name’ garage when AB Motor Vehicle Services actually provide a personalized service for every individual, at a competitive price? Why face the chances of having a different mechanic see your car every time? AB guarantees no extra, hidden charges and an inspection of your car so that you’re aware of what condition it’s in. You can even rely on AB to provide you with a replacement vehicle whilst your car in being repaired.

By booking in with your local AB garage, you are doing your part to keep local businesses in business, boost the local economy and industry. With a local, independent garage, you are in safe hands with a trusted mechanic who cares about your car and your safety.

So, when you’re setting off this weekend, why risk it without a service and MOT at AB? Save yourself the time, money and possible injury and get checked. After all, you get regular health checks for your body with a GP you know, so why not get regular health checks for your car with a mechanic you can trust?