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After steady growth the time has come for local garage AB Motor Vehicle Services Ltd to invest in new staff and embark on the apprenticeship programme that Andrew completed himself over twelve years ago.

We recruit our first Apprentice

We’ve invested in a second ramp, to start with this will give our apprentice an area to practice but long-term once his skills have developed we’ll be able to book more work in which should result in shorter waiting times for our customers.

Second Ramp is fitted

We were the runner up at the ‘Believe in Gloucester’ awards in 2014 for the  New Business of the Year’ category.  These awards showcase Gloucester based businesses that actively support the local area with the intention to improve the city.

‘New Business of the Year’ Finalist

In January 2013, Andrew Byrne took the bold step to break from employment and embark on his solo career.  He began as a sole trader in January 2013.  His first business premises on the Bristol Road in Gloucester needed a lot of work but after spending a month kitting out..Read More

2013 Sole Trader