Are you aware of the TAX DISC changes?

tax discOctober 2014 sees the changes in the road tax disc come into force. One of the main changes is that you no longer need to display your tax disc in your car window – unfortunately this DOESN’T mean that you don’t have to buy it though!

Here is a summary of the changes that you need to be aware of:

  • Buying a vehicle You won’t be able to purchase a car with the existing road tax, you’ll need to buy your own before using the car.
  • Selling a vehicle You won’t be able to sell a car with the existing road tax.  Once the DVLA has been notified that the car has transferred into a new name they’ll automatically issue a refund.

  • Purchasing road tax You’ll still be able to buy tax for 6 or 12 months, but in addition you’ll now be able to pay monthly (from 1 November 2014).  You can get it online or at the post office.

  • Checking tax status You can check if any car has road tax by visiting

For more details of the changes visit:

Photo: Alamy